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Medical Care

All Resources On Getting The Best Medical Care After A Car Accident

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Michigan auto accident victims: You could be hurt and you don’t know it

“Masked” injuries that are undetected by doctors can be disabling. We discuss how to detect such injuries and how they can worsen over time.

Reporting car accident injuries in a timely manner

Our auto lawyers stress that all personal injuries must be reported to the auto insurance company within a year of the car accident – or your medical bills and No-Fault benefits will not be covered.

A patient advocate: You have the right to hire your own car accident case manager

Beware: case managers appointed from insurance companies are not true patient advocates. Here’s why it’s always in your best interest to select your own case manager.

The “independent” medical exam (IME) and how it can devastate Michigan auto accident victims

We explain how to prepare for an IME, especially since accident victims often don’t realize that insurance doctors have the auto insurance companies’ pocketbooks in mind — not your recovery.

Car accident injuries that need immediate medical attention

Although spinal, neck and back injuries must be specially treated, certain doctors don’t want auto accident victims as patients, and this could leave you without important medical care.

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