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Car Accident Personal Injury: What You Need To Know

Shocking but true: spinal, neck or back injuries must be specially treated – yet certain doctors don’t want car accident personal injury victims as patients

If you have possible spinal injury, neck injury or back injury, it’s truly in your best interest to contact a lawyer. According to Michigan car accident laws, with these types of injuries, you must try to get a MRI or CT scan within 30 days of the crash.

Many doctors will be hesitant to send car accident personal injury victims for such referrals, but a Michigan car accident lawyer can ensure you get the proper medical treatment you need. This will help secure the best outcome for your lawsuit and most importantly, your health and safety.

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If brain injury symptoms exist, it is also extremely important to get a MRI of the brain, to rule out injuries that could turn fatal or a brain bleed. Obtain a referral to a neurologist or neurophysiologist as soon as possible, and get help from an auto accident lawyer if your injuries are being addressed quickly.

Some car accident injuries like reflexive sympathetic disorder (RSD) are catastrophic. But the initial symptoms can be so subtle, that if you have not been referred to specialist such as a physiatrist or pain management specialist, the small window of opportunity you had to treat and prevent a life-long disabling condition will have been lost.

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Some doctors receive financial incentives from insurance companies – that could leave car accident personal injury victims without important medical care

In Michigan, financial incentives for doctors (from auto insurance companies) can make it difficult to get timely referrals to specialists or for diagnostic testing. Certain doctors typically do not want to accept a case involving a car accident personal injury or No-Fault insurance. Why? Many managed care insurance plans have major financial disincentives for doctors that refer their injured patients to specialists or for diagnostic testing.

This creates tremendous hardship for the innocent car accident personal injury victims in Michigan, especially since many injuries can be extremely time-sensitive, as discussed above. For instance, someone can have a ruptured or herniated disk and be at risk for serious permanent injury — such as quadriplegia — if he does not receive medical care immediately. And such accident victims are put at dire risk when they cannot get referrals for an MRI or to see an orthopedic surgeon in order to pinpoint the personal injury.

Obtaining referrals to plastic surgeons for related car accident injuries can also be extremely difficult.

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