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Steve Gursten talks car crash cases at AAJ Annual Convention

July 6, 2018 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan car accident trial lawyer discusses “Future of Motor Vehicle Litigation” and cross-examining defense experts at American Association for Justice Convention

Michigan Auto Law attorney will present at the American Association for Justice's 2018 Annual Convention
Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten during his “Winning Injury and Car Accident Cases at Trial” presentation at the Kentucky Justice Association’s seminar, “A Day with Masters of the Plaintiffs Bar,” in April 2018.

I will be a presenter at the American Association for Justice’s 2018 Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado, which runs July 7-10, 2018. It’s an opportunity to share my experiences and insights to teach fellow trial lawyers how to more successfully help their clients in their car, truck and motorcycle accident lawsuits.

At the upcoming AAJ Annual Convention, I’ll be presenting twice:

  • Sunday, July 8, 2018 – “Cross-Examination of Medical and Psychological Experts”
  • Monday, July 9, 2018 – “The Future of Motor Vehicle Litigation”

For my first presentation, I will emphasize what I’ve found to be the keys to effective cross examination and using it to expose bias and crooked and lying defense insurance experts. The topics I will discuss include the following:

  • My top 4 favorite questions to ask a defense expert about telling the truth, being biased and how the jury should view a biased witness.
  • The value of recording/videotaping a defense hired-gun IME doctor’s examination of a car accident or personal injury victim.
  • The powerful effect with the jury of confronting a defense forensic expert with the fact he or she refused to allow the victim’s examination to be recorded and/or videotaped.
  • Effective, straight-forward strategies for bolstering a client’s case through a disarming cross examination of notorious, nasty forensic experts.
  • Using the “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” principle (“He who speaks falsely on one point will speak falsely upon all”) to show how a witness’s “half truths” are his or her attempts to disadvantage the victim and deceive the jury and the judge.

For my second presentation, I will talk about a future without car crashes and what auto accident attorneys can and should be doing now to prepare themselves and their law firms for what’s coming down the road when technology will fortunately reduce the numbers of car crashes, injuries, and deaths caused by preventable human negligence.

There are things that lawyers can do now to prepare for tomorrow – and it’s these strategies that I’ll be sharing with the lawyers attending the AAJ Annual Convention.

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