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Michigan Auto Law attorney settles Shrine Circus motorcycle accident that went viral

October 9, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Robert Raitt and Alison Duffy recover $800,000 in pain and suffering settlement for Shrine Circus stuntman injured in motocross fall

Stuntman Joshua Headford
Joshua Headford

Stuntman Joshua Headford fell 45 feet during a Shrine Circus motocross act at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw. The case made headlines two years ago, and video of the fall went viral, collecting thousands of views on YouTube.

Michigan Auto law attorney Bobby Raitt, a past president of the Michigan Association for Justice (formerly the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association) worked on the case as well as Alison Duffy, which included complicated issues of negligence and indemnity.  The seriousness of the case was always present for Bobby, Alison and for Josh, who will never ride a motorcycle again.

This past week, Bobby and Alison successfully resolved the case and reached a pain and suffering injury settlement of $800,000 for Josh.

Below is the  video of his motocross act gone terribly wrong:

Here’s how the tragic motorcycle accident occurred: Josh drove into the stadium. It was dark and ramps were set up. He did a test run on the ground and he did his jump. Halfway through his jump, Josh suddenly encountered a wire that had been left up by somebody with the circus. His bike hit the wire, and fell 45 feet, straight down to the ground.

Josh, who was 21 at the time of the accident, sustained several very serious injuries in the traumatic fall, including a shattered elbow and femur, multiple rib fractures and a fractured scapula.

His entire life was jumping motorcycles. Josh was and remains  a very talented young man, but he has lost a life ahead of him of being a motorcycle stuntman. Now he won’t ever be able to open his arm again, which means he will never be able to ride again.

Bobby and Alison sued four different defendants on behalf of Josh in a case that became quickly complicated by various legal defenses, immunity claims from certain defendants, and indemnification language.

Josh now lives in Florida and plans to take college classes.

Bobby, Alison, Colleen, and the entire Michigan Auto Law team wish him health, a continuing medical recovery from his injuries, and a wonderful future for his life ahead.

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