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Most people want motorcycle riders to wear helmets

January 11, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

MLive survey shows 63% of adults do not believe motorcyclists should have the choice to ride without  helmets

no-motorcyle-helmetA ‘super majority’ of Michigan residents oppose the April 2012 repeal of Michigan’s nearly 40-year-old, lifesaving motorcycle helmet law. They also believe that Michigan motorcyclists should not have the choice of whether to wear a helmet, according a recent MLive survey which was conducted by Marketing Resource Group in Lansing.

In “MLive survey: Poll shows a near ‘super majority’ oppose new law lifting motorcycle helmet mandate,” MLive writer John Barnes explains:

“Nearly two-thirds of adults surveyed oppose the state’s new helmet-choice law for motorcyclists …”

*    *    *

“Sixty-three percent said they do not support allowing motorcyclists to ride without helmets …”

*    *    *

Paul King, director of research services at Marketing Research Group, told MLive:

“That’s nearly a super majority. When you get upward of 60 to 65 percent, that’s a mandate …”

The MLive survey showed that opposition to April 2012 repeal of Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law was “strongest in Detroit” and that “[t]hose who identified themselves as Democrats were more likely to oppose helmet choice …”

Additionally, the MLive survey results showed that “[w]omen were far more likely to oppose the law, with 70 percent against … as compared to “[f]ifty-five percent of men [who] opposed it …”

 – Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by MikeLicht

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