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2016 Michigan Most Dangerous Intersections for a Car Crash

Do you travel through Michigan’s most dangerous intersections regularly? We share the top intersections where the most car accidents have occurred.


The intersection of 14 Mile Road @ Orchard Lake Road on the border of Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield in Oakland County ranked No. 1 among the most dangerous intersections in Michigan, with over 160 total car accidents in 2016.

Whether driving through a busy suburb or down a quiet, rural road, intersections are inherently dangerous — and there are several dangerous intersections in Michigan.

In 2015, head-on and high-speed collisions at intersections contributed to 40% of all traffic-related injuries and 25% of all traffic fatalities in Michigan.

2016 Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan by County and City

Use the search bar to filter results by city or county and see what Michigan intersections had the most crashes, fatalities or injuries near you last year.