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Alton Davis is Great Pick for Michigan Supreme Court

August 27, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law thanks Justice Elizabeth Weaver for her dedication, service to Michigan

A momentous sea change has just occurred on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver resigned. And a short time later, Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointed Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Alton Davis to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Justice Weaver was an excellent justice. A Republican from Northern Michigan, she stood up for the integrity of the Court. This caused her to come increasingly into conflict with the three remaining arch-conservative and activist justices – Young, Markman and Corrigan.

I applaud Justice Elizabeth Weaver for her many years of dedicated service to the people of the State of Michigan. She has been a selfless advocate for judicial reform, something Michigan desperately needs to correct. I.e., appointing unqualified ideological candidates who must pass political litmus tests, such as Robert Young – who received the lowest ranking on the Court from Michigan lawyers and faces re-election this November.

Justice Davis embodies the need for excellent and fair jurists on Michigan courts. He is widely respected by both Republicans and Democrats and will be an excellent addition to the Court. He was a trial court judge for more than 20 years before Gov. Granholm appointed him to the Court of Appeals in 2005. His record demonstrates his commitment to fairness for working families, auto accident victims and disabled Michigan residents as well as respect for precedent, stare decisis and the rule of law. I note this is in stark contrast to Justice Young, whose voting record has been shown to be 80 percent against Michigan accident and injury victims and who has willfully disregarded long-standing and well-established principles of Michigan jurisprudence when it has suited him.

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