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Tips for finding the right insurance company in Michigan

July 25, 2008 by Steven M. Gursten

We’ve received a lot of feedback after Wednesday’s post on the Ten Worst Automobile Insurance Companies in Michigan, which highlights Allstate Insurance Company as the absolute worst. Here are some additional thoughts, compliments of the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ).

The MAJ stresses that families must consider choosing an automobile insurance company that has a record of taking care of policy holders when shopping for insurance coverage, or when deciding whether to renew an existing policy. “It is tragic to pay for a policy with an insurance company (that) has a record of cheating its own policyholders,” says MAJ President Judith Susskind. “Those who file a claim for coverage after an accident or disaster are the ones who are in dire need of help…”

Robert M. Raitt, immediate past president of the MAJ and a Michigan Auto Law partner, has worked extensively with the legislature to enact better consumer protection and bad faith legislation, to safeguard Michigan residents who are ignored or victimized. Currently, there is no bad faith litigation that can be brought when Michigan automobile insurance companies deny rightful claims.

Think before choosing an insurance policy

Susskind urges consumers to consider the following guidelines when purchasing or renewing insurance policies:
o Consult and study the AAJ Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America list
o Speak to family and friends who have filed insurance claims after car accidents and find out how their insurance companies treated them when they needed help
o Beware of insurance companies that force their own policy holders to take them to court in order to obtain benefits already paid for
o Ask the agent to provide information regarding the number or percent of claims that are denied and complaints filed by other policy holders
o Consult consumer information at the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation and the Michigan Automobile and Home Insurance Consumer Advocate

Help available for Michigan drivers

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Michigan motorists now pay some of the highest premiums in the nation, even though they are ranked the safest drivers in the nation, according to the Michigan Automobile and Home Insurance Consumer Advocate.

You are also welcome to contact one of our automobile accident lawyers at Michigan Auto Law if you have questions about your insurance policy or would like a recommendation on some of the better Michigan insurance companies — that treat their own policyholders more fairly than the 10 worst insurance companies named in the AAJ report.

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