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Saginaw Car Accident Lawyer

When searching for the most knowledgeable and experienced Saginaw car accident lawyer, you want to find one with record-setting results who can be available quickly to answer your questions. Look no further – you will find all that – and more – at Michigan Auto Law – Auto Accident Attorneys.  Our Saginaw car accident lawyers represented many residents of the city and we’ll use the unique knowledge of that area we’ve gained when handling your individual case. Personal injury can be a life-altering experience, whether you were involved in a car accident coming home from Fashion Square Mall, a truck accident on I-675 or a motorcycle accident on busy South Washington Avenue.

Michigan Auto Law auto accident attorneys have been serving Michigan residents, including Saginaw for over 60 years. We have offices located in Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, however, we don’t ask you to travel to us during a stressful time – say the word and our experience auto accident attorneys will come to you. The auto accident resources below were created for Saginaw residents who have been seriously injured in car, truck or motorcycle accidents.

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Our Saginaw car accident lawyers serve clients in the following practice areas

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I’ve been injured in a Truck Accident


I’ve been injured in a Motorcycle Accident


I’ve suffered a serious Personal Injury


Car Accident Resources

When you’ve been in a car crash in Saginaw, you probably have a long list of questions for your lawyer, so we’ve covered some of our frequently asked questions here. We’ve provided several additional car accident resources, too. 

When To Get An Attorney For a Car Accident?

It’s never too soon to get an attorney after a car accident. We tell you why here.

Michigan Car Accident FAQs

Our car accident attorneys answer the more common questions – including what to do (and not do) after a motor vehicle crash, determining negligence, and details about Michigan’s auto law.

Car Accident Checklists

Here, we give you tools to help you protect yourself during the litigation process, like what to do at the scene, safe driving techniques and mistakes auto accident victims need to avoid.

Do I Have a Lawsuit?

Read about the Michigan auto accident law and how the inner workings of your possible case affect the outcome.

Car Accident Medical Care Resources

Our auto accident attorneys in Saginaw, MI explain how getting the proper medical treatment can dramatically impact both your recovery and your lawsuit.

Car Accident Insurance Coverage Resources

Our Saginaw car accident attorneys provide straight answers about insurance protections for car accidents involving different, but common, driving situations like being a passenger in an accident, driving someone else’s car and crashing rental cars.

More Saginaw Auto Accident Attorney FAQs

What else do you need to know when you’re considering hiring an auto accident attorney in Saginaw, MI? When you or a family member are injured in a car accident in Saginaw, you may be entitled to important benefits, including pain and suffering compensation and other economic damages. But, keep in mind, you’re more likely to recover a more significant settlement for your claim when you hire the right lawyer to represent you and protect your rights. Read the FAQs here or call now speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer – free with absolutely no obligation.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Victims of injury car accidents typically have a lot of questions, with the first one being: How much will an auto accident attorney in Saginaw, MI cost me and my family? While many people imagine that hiring an auto accident lawyer is simply too expensive, that’s not true! At Michigan Auto Law, we don’t ever ask a client to pay anything – no fees and nothing out of pocket – unless and until we win the case. Our attorneys are paid at the end of the case process, after a financial recovery is made for you first, in what’s called a contingency fee. That means we get paid only if and when we are able to win the case and you get paid. But no matter what, every single client always gets our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is getting a car accident lawyer worth it?

Yes. Insurance industry research demonstrates that a person who’s represented by an It’s definitely worth it, but don’t take our word for it. The insurance industry did their own research and their data demonstrates that someone who is represented by an experienced attorney will typically recover significantly more than someone who is not represented by an attorney. And remember, at Michigan Auto Law, you don’t pay until we win. Our lawyers manage every detail of your case, allowing you to focus on your medical recovery and getting your life back together. Whenever you need us, we’re here – to answer each and every question about the case including the process, the law, the insurance company, the adjuster, or anything else. We’ll get the answers you need.

Do I need to get a lawyer for an accident that isn’t my fault?

While you’re not required to hire a car accident lawyer after a vehicle crash that isn’t your fault, it’s usually in your best interest to do so. An experienced auto accident attorney in Saginaw, MI (like the lawyers at Michigan Auto Law, who are specialists in car, truck and motorcycle accident cases) will make sure you get the best possible settlement. Your lawyer will ensure that you receive all of the medical benefits and lost wages payments to which you’re entitled, now and in the future, under the auto No-Fault insurance law. We will also pursue pain and suffering compensation and any other economic damages. An experienced auto accident lawyer will help make sure you get the compensation you deserve and your legal rights are protected.

How long does a car accident settlement take?

How long will it take to get a car accident settlement in Saginaw, MI? Every case is completely unique in its circumstances, so that’s very difficult to predict. In general, contributors to the case timeline include: specific injuries, prognosis, and current and potential future medical needs; whether the victim is partially or fully disabled; whether injuries have led to an impairment that affects the ability to live a normal life; whether injuries will require “excess” coverage for medical bills and lost wages; the relevant experience, settlement track record and reputation of the victim’s lawyer; the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company, the claims adjuster, the defense lawyer and any applicable liability limits. Note that attorneys who are known to go to trial can often get larger settlements, much faster.

Get Help From Our auto accident attorneys in Saginaw, MI  Now

If you or a loved one has been in a serious car crash in Saginaw, it’s best to consult with an auto accident attorney in Saginaw, MI with experience handling personal injury accident cases. Since we specialize in these types of cases, we completely understand the physical, emotional and psychological difficulties that accident victims face, and we’re here to make things easier. Find out how Michigan Auto Law can help by checking out our testimonials from car accident victims and reading through our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call us anytime – 24/7. There’s never any fee or obligation. For questions about your potential car accident case, call Michigan Auto Law at 800-777-0028 or fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation with an auto accident attorney in Saginaw, MI .

Our Saginaw car accident lawyers serve clients in the following practice areas