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After interviewing four different lawyers, Steven Gursten of Michigan Auto Law stood out amongst them as the guy to go to for several reasons.
By Lynda Nunez, Riverview
My husband was killed in an automobile accident involving a gravel hauler truck on the freeway. The left front steer tire of the gravel hauler blew on I-75 near the Rouge River bridge, and the truck hit my husband's car, trapping him between the retaining wall and the gravel hauler. It became apparent that I needed to seek out an attorney. After interviewing four different lawyers, Steven Gursten of Michigan Auto Law stood out amongst them as the guy to go to for several reasons. There was a genuine nature about Steve. He was exceptionally easy to talk with and an incredible listener. Of course his knowledge and the know how to get the job done was apparent. He treated me with a real sense of kindness as an individual and not a potential case. Steve settled my husband's case out of court so I didn't have to go through a trial. Throughout the whole process, Steve went above and beyond my expectations in terms of his hard work to uncover the truths of the matter and all of the things the trucking company did that were unsafe and contributed to the accident. Steve treated me with a lot of respect. He responded to my questions and phone calls very promptly. I never felt like he was in a hurry to get me off the phone. He listened to everything I had to say all the time. In terms of when I had to give my deposition, he prepared me and was next to me every step of the way. That was also the case when I had to go to court before the judge for the settlement. It made me feel very safe. Steve gave me confidence and the strength to get up there and do what I had to do. He did so much research and he explored every possible avenue to get me the best settlement possible. He worked very hard for me. Along the way, he kept me informed of the status of everything. I would say if anybody is involved in an automobile accident involving trucks or other commercial vehicles, to not hesitate to contact Steve. You will not be let down. If you've done your homework and investigated attorneys, Steve is the obvious right choice. I walked out of his office knowing it was a no-brainer decision to go with him. It was the right thing to do for my family, in the wake of such a terrible accident and traumatic time in our lives. I felt it in my heart, and I was right. Another thing I would like to note is that even after the case was closed, Steve is still here for me with advice and all the time I need.
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Lenny even responded to me while he was on vacation in Mexico, which was very impressive
By , Romeo March 01, 2018
Let me tell you! Michigan Auto Law is five stars all the way around with the entire staff. Cyndi, the receptionist was very professional and friendly with me. Lenny and Brenda are just the greatest. They treated me like family. The both of them were very quick to respond to any concerns I had. Lenny even responded to me while he was on vacation in Mexico, which was very impressive. I have always looked forward to coming to Michigan Auto Law just to be able to talk to Lenny and Brenda. I feel as if they are a part of my family. If anyone I know is involved in an accident, this will be the place I recommend they go.
Happy with the entire process, ending in a great settlement
By , Sterling Heights November 22, 2016
I got hit by a vehicle on my bicycle. I'm walking and talking today but it was really serious as far as how my injuries affected me. I was referred to Michigan Auto Law by an attorney and my case started out with Jeffrey Bussell. He helped me in the beginning of my case. He explained how the case would go and my rights, including what I was entitled to under No Fault, seeing as I didn't have any car insurance and was a bicyclist. Then Lenny Koltonow took over. Lenny walked me through what was going to happen next. He litigated the case against the insurance company defense lawyers. He did a very good job fighting for my case. There was excellent communication. He always called me. When I called he would call right back. Brenda, his paralegal and Gayle, his secretary were spot on and always there throughout the case. The secretaries in the front of the office were always very friendly and welcoming. I'm happy with the entire process, ending in a great settlement. Lenny and his excellent team definitely have my referral. They take care of you well.
Mike made all of the information about No Fault after a motorcycle accident more than understandable
By , Sterling Heights November 22, 2016
Mike Shaffer helped my husband and I understand the No Fault insurance law that was afforded to my husband from a motorcycle accident. He made sure I understood the benefits that were available under the No Fault law. He helped as far as some guidance with the insurance company that we were working with for reimbursement to our medical benefits as well as what to do for the absence of power of attorney for consulting and advice in a time when it was all very confusing to me. Mike made all of this information more than understandable. He was very thorough and explained everything several times. He was looking out for our best interests throughout the case. Mike always reached out to us and if we needed to outreach to him he was always there. I was always sure he was working on my case. This was a very good experience from the home my husband was residing in as he was recovering from his motorcycle accident injuries all the way to the settlement at the Michigan Auto Law office when everyone was fine. Michigan Auto Law is truly a great company. We had a great relationship with Mike and that made all the difference.
Bobby and Alison treated me perfectly and I didn't have to worry about a thing
By , Harrison Township November 19, 2016
Bobby and Alison did everything for me. To be honest I didn't have to worry about anything regarding my auto accident lawsuit. They treated me perfectly. They were always here for me. If I couldn't reach them right away, I would leave a message and they would call me back always within the same day. I trusted them with my case and my future after being hurt. I knew they knew the auto laws the best and they were protecting me. I would recommend these attorneys to everybody here. It was a really easy experience with no stress at all.
Successful trial attorneys with decades of experience - but compassionate and down to earth
By , Detroit November 10, 2016
I was in a car accident. A Yukon hit me from behind and I was very badly injured. I was connected with Lenny Koltonow and Jeff Feldman, as my partner has known Jeff for years. He knew Jeff would take excellent care of me and these were the guys to go to for serious injury cases. Lenny and Jeff even visited me in the hospital and at home to make things more convenient. They were very sharp and handled everything. They worked at building a very strong case for me and didn't want me to settle for something less than what I deserved. They were very adamant about that and said they were looking out for my future. They were preparing to go to trial because they strongly believed in me and my case. The defense knew what they were up against and so made an offer that we all agreed was substantial and what I deserved. So we decided to settle. But what I liked best about these guys is they came across as very down to earth. They are long time, very successful trial attorneys with decades of experience, but they were sympathetic, empathetic and motivated me to try to get better and try to make me as good as I could be. I would recommend them because they were always there, just a phone call away for me any time, anything I needed. Not to mention they were very good to my family.
Kevin went after the other driver's insurance company and helped me get a settlement
By , Southgate October 31, 2016
Kevin and Amy were very good and helpful attorneys. They always got right back to me really fast and answered all the questions I had. Everybody at Michigan Auto Law, including Jeff Bussell, the first attorney I talked to and the secretaries, was very nice and helpful. I was driving on Telegraph and stopped at a light when another driver rear ended me and pushed my car into the car in front of me. I had a little Focus and the guy behind me was in a big Escalade. I was smashed in between that and a Jeep and really hurt my neck and my lower back. Kevin went after the other drivers' insurance company and helped me get a settlement from them. He is also helping me go after the insurance company so they cover my no fault benefits for my medical. I'm very happy with the job Kevin and everyone at Michigan Auto Law did for me. I can't say a bad thing about anybody here because I was treated so well.
Mike truly went to bat for us
By , Waterford Township October 20, 2016
Michigan Auto Law came highly referred for my sister's car accident and Michael Shaffer was our attorney. The communication and experience was fabulous. Taking into account the devastation of the accident and the injuries my sister sustained, Mike he got us as much as possible under the insurance policies of the person who hit her. He truly went to bat for us. When you have injuries as bad as my sister had, you are going to have problems for the rest of your life. But Mike served as comfort and a great help during this time. I'd highly recommend Mike. We thank him and Steven Gursten for everything.
Kevin helped me after I was hit by a distracted driver
By , Clinton Township September 28, 2016
I was hit while crossing the street by a distracted driver on his phone. It changed my whole life. A friend of mine recommended Kevin Seiferheld at Michigan Auto Law and I reached out. Whenever I called Kevin, he called me right back. He took care of me, answered my questions and gave good advice and information. I was happy with the way Kevin represented me during litigation. I knew he was on my side. I tell people about Kevin and what a great lawyer he is all the time. He really helped me during the most difficult time in my life.
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