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11 Michigan Auto Law Attorneys receive 2016 legal honors, recognized as some of the top attorneys in auto accident law, personal injury, and Auto No Fault Insurance law

September 12, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

More Michigan Auto Law attorneys honored as Super Lawyers than any other auto accident and personal injury law firm in Michigan


Last week, I posted about the 11 Michigan Auto Law attorneys that have been selected as some of the best lawyers in the state of Michigan – all selected as Michigan Super Lawyers or as Super Lawyer Rising Stars for 2016. These legal honors and accolades are certainly nice, but what is most important to me is that they are a testament to the caring and communication that our attorneys have with our clients.

Communications = better auto accident settlement and verdicts

Caring and communication pays real dividends. I’ve given a seminar talk in many different states on how to maximize injury settlements, and the point I always stress is that attorneys need to care more about communication (and returning phone calls, which attorneys are notoriously poor at doing) because this leads to great settlement and trial results for clients. In fact, communication is essential for maximizing results. Communication lets attorneys catch potential mistakes and red flags early that can kill auto accident cases. Attorneys know who a client is treating with, and what pain they are suffering and where, so they know if that client still needs a referral to a key specialist or important diagnostic testing so they can get the care they need. Communication allows attorneys to catch a client who is posting things on social media before these hurt value. It allows an attorney to always be looking at a case, and seeing the red flags and potential landmines before they can explode and hurt the value of a case or cause an insurance company to take a tougher stand on settlement value.

Why do our attorneys keep recovering the top reported auto accident and truck accident settlements and trial verdicts in MI for our clients?

Attorney at Law Magazine has written that our “remarkable record” of “top reported injury settlements and trial verdicts” “eclipses every other law firm in Michigan,” but why is this?

A big part of this has been that our law firm intentionally chose to forgo the personal injury law television advertising that is so ugly and so pervasive in Michigan. This allows our attorneys to keep our caseloads down, and this leads to better communication with the people we help. Since time is always the most important commodity, it also allows our attorneys to be more selective in the cases we take and the people we help. Unlike many of the personal injury legal mills and a couple of the personal injury law firms that advertise on television and on billboards, our own attorneys do not have 200-300 cases each. Nor do we engage in the ugly ambulance chasing and car accident solicitation that has become so commonplace in cities like Detroit. Lower case numbers mean our clients do not find they are assigned a new attorney every time they call the office.

Cases at Michigan Auto Law are handled in teams. New clients are paired with a pre-lawsuit team and, then, when the case requires a lawsuit, the client is paired with a litigation and trial attorney. The nice thing about this is that there is always an attorney here who is available to talk with a client, and who knows the client, the treaters and medical doctors, the case and the injuries. We feel this intra-office specialization leads to better results, but it also leads to great communication with the people we help. If a client has a problem or a question, there is always someone here who knows the case and who can help them.

“When it comes to auto negligence, nobody knows the law better than we do.”

One Michigan lawyer is running television commercials that claims “when it comes to auto negligence, nobody knows the law better than we do.”

Not exactly. I’d wager we do.

The third key factor, in addition to great client communication (1) and intra-office specialization and lower case numbers (2), is very deep subject matter knowledge.

But unlike this lawyer on TV, who practices many different areas of law (and who has received most of his biggest trial verdicts that he advertises about on cases that were not auto accidents and truck accidents), this is all our attorneys do.

As a law firm, we’ve made a number of key choices. We chose not to do television advertising. We also chose to focus exclusively on helping people who have been seriously injured in car accidents and truck accidents. We even changed the name of our law firm to Michigan Auto Law, so people know this is the only area of law that we practice. I am the President of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association, a national group of automobile accident attorneys, and I’m past President of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Group. Next year, I will be the President of the AAJ Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group.

All the attorneys here focus exclusively on automobile accident cases. And this deep subject-matter knowledge about one and only one area of law continues to pay off for the people we help – and the results we are able to obtain for them.

Here’s a chart I put together that compares Michigan Auto Law’s auto negligence knowledge with that of every other personal injury law firm.


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