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Auto Crash Litigation 3.0: An advanced legal seminar for accident attorneys

March 17, 2015 by Steven M. Gursten

Steven Gursten to present, moderate motor vehicle accident legal conference by 360 Advocacy Group in Las Vegas this week

Auto Crash Litigation 3.0

It’s time for Auto Crash Litigation 3.0. This isn’t a basic or even intermediate legal conference for accident attorneys. It’s the advanced course; the A.P. version. This unique legal conference is all about some of the very best auto accident attorneys from around the nation teaching the most advanced ideas and practice tips for lawyers handling these cases.  It’s an opportunity to advance your auto accident litigation practice to the top in your state.

Auto Crash Litigation 3.0 is sponsored by the 360 Advocacy Group and takes place March 22-23 in Las Vegas. I’ll be serving as the moderator for both days, and also presenting. My topic is “Teaching Lawyers How to Develop a Cutting-Edge Auto Torts Practice that Separates you from the Competition.”


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