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Real people, real stories: Testimonial about a “life-altering car accident” in Michigan

November 3, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

I’d like to share a testimonial from one of my clients, Cheryl Verdun. Cheryl and her husband Bob live in Taylor, Michigan. Cheryl was rear-ended in a car accident, and injured badly.

In her video, Cheryl discusses her experiences after her crash, dealing with her personal injuries and how her attorneys here were able to support and protect her. She also discusses her car accident settlement, which was able to provide for her after her injuries.

Here’s what Cheryl says:

“We were sitting at a red light and I looked in the side view mirror and I noticed that the person was not going to stop and in turn, they hit us. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and when I was there, I realized that my personal injuries were more extensive than I thought and it was suggested to me that I contact a lawyer. Steve Gursten was recommended to us by my son, who had did his homework on Steve and he said he was one of the best auto attorneys in the state. My first impression of the Michigan Auto Law staff was that they always made me feel comfortable. They answered all of my questions very directly. They had all of the answers and they made me feel that I was well taken care of. My lawyer Steve Gursten made me feel very comfortable. He made me feel very confident. He was very personable and he really cared about me; and he cared about what happened. He was extremely knowledgeable. I was extremely happy with my car accident settlement. It was definitely a lot more than I had ever dreamed of. It was life altering. I would definitely refer Michigan Auto Law to any friends or family. As a matter of fact, I’d be insistent they go to them.”

If you’ve been in a car accident, call Michigan Auto Law at (248) 353-7575. You can speak with an auto accident attorney, free of charge.

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  1. Car accidents claim many lives and leave many victims with cataclysmic injuries every year. In addition, most hearings of cases involving car accidents are usually convoluted and cannot be handled by the accident victims alone.

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