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Michigan No Fault Lawyer Advice

Our insurance attorneys explain your Michigan No-Fault benefits and insurance rights after an auto accident

Michigan is a “No-Fault” state, meaning that both parties in an auto accident are entitled to valuable benefits from their insurance companies, no matter who caused the crash. Below is information to help you understand the No-Fault insurance law and other insurance issues that may apply to you.

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Guide to Michigan No Fault Law - Free Book 5 Star Rating How to Get Care & Compensation from Your Insurance Company

Michigan No-Fault Reform

Stay up to date with the latest news and information regarding Michigan's No-Fault reform.

3 Cases after Michigan Auto Accidents

This diagram provides an at-a-glance view of the three potential cases you have in Michigan if you've been injured in an auto accident.

Michigan No-Fault Benefits - First-party Lawsuit (Your Auto Insurance)

Our insurance lawyers have summarized the five No-Fault benefits you're entitled to from your own auto insurance company following an accident, including medical expenses, payment for mileage to medical appointments, wage loss, household replacement services and attendant care (nursing services).

No-Fault Forms

Click here for a list of forms and applications from various Michigan insurance companies. These include the application for No-Fault insurance benefits; forms for attendant care, replacement services, wage and salary verification, as well as attending physician reports (APRs)

Pain and Suffering - Third-Party Lawsuit (At-Fault Driver's Insurance)

Here we explain a pain and suffering lawsuit, where an injured car accident victim can sue the at-fault driver's auto insurance company for their personal injuries and excess economic loss.

Michigan Mini Tort

Wondering how to get your vehicle damage paid for after an auto accident? This section covers the Michigan mini tort, with answers to frequently asked questions, a guide to collecting your mini tort and sample letters to streamline the process.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM)

Many Michigan drivers do not have auto insurance. In some cities, like Detroit, 50 percent of drivers are uninsured. Learn how UM and UIM can protect you if you're in a car accident with a driver who has no insurance.

Michigan No-Fault Act and No-Fault Statutes

Our insurance attorneys are often asked to translate the Michigan No-Fault Act, so car accident and truck accident victims can better understand 'No-Fault.' This section was developed to help interpret and simplify the No-Fault Law.

Social Security Disability (SSD) and Your Auto Accident Case

Is your insurance adjuster forcing you to apply for Social Security Disability? Learn how a Social Security Disability claim affects your auto accident lawsuit. We're taking the guesswork out of the complicated, lengthy SSD process to help you get the best compensation available.

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Attorney Brandon Hewitt

by Diane Long, Lansing, MI
June 18, 2011


I got help with my application for No-Fault benefits

Brandon Hewitt was a wonderful lawyer. I've been raving about him because I feel like he saved me and daughter. He immediacy responded to my request for information on getting medical bills paid after my daughter had been in a car accident. I knew that the time was coming up where we were supposed to take action, and I had no answers from various resources.

I did online research and contacted other attorneys and no one was able to help me until I found Brandon at Michigan Auto Law, not even from the hospital. I was almost giving up hope. But I found Michigan Auto Law online and I contacted Brandon in time.

He immediately responded back with who I needed to contact and where I needed to go. He even helped me with my application for no fault benefits.

I was so impressed that he gave me this help without any consultations, any meetings, any money being spent. He actually saved us thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills. It was like a miracle to us.

If I ever need anything else, I know who to turn to. I feel confident in sending my friends and family to Michigan Auto Law.