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Your Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits

Our insurance lawyers explain a first-party lawsuit and what insurance benefits you're entitled to after a car accident

Michigan is a "No-Fault" state, meaning that both parties involved in an auto accident are entitled to valuable economic benefits from their insurance companies, no matter who caused the crash.

We've provided some information on each No-Fault insurance benefit below, so you can understand everything you may be entitled to while you're recovering:

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Michigan No-Fault lawyers can help obtain your benefits

There are some important steps you must take in securing your insurance benefits. Our insurance lawyers can walk you through the process, and make sure you receive all of your No-Fault insurance benefits.

Here are a couple of essential tips:

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Attorney Ian Freed

by Roberta Patterson, Detroit, MI
April 6, 2011


Michigan Auto Law made sure I received my No-Fault benefits

I was taking off from a red light when a car broadsided me, pinning me between a telephone pole and a wall. EMS had to get me out. I was hurt and needed help and called a lawyer: Ian Freed.

He was fantastic. He kept me well informed of the progress of my auto accident lawsuit and my options. He was always available if I had questions or concerns; and he was just pleasant and polite and efficient.

My auto insurance company of 15 years didn't want to pay the bills, but Ian made sure I received the No-Fault benefits I was entitled to. He advised me of some laws that a common person wouldn't be aware of and that insurance companies don't tell you.

I already have referred Ian and the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law to several family and friends who have been in auto accidents. Everyone there from the receptionist on back was fantastic.