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Michigan No-Fault Act and No-Fault Statutes

Our No-Fault attorneys are helping car accident victims interpret and understand the law

Our no-fault lawyers are frequently asked to help explain the Michigan No-Fault Law and assist clients in obtaining their no-fault insurance benefits and pain and suffering compensation. In this section, our no-fault attorneys have summarized the Michigan No-Fault Act and provided interpretation of each no-fault statute for our readers.

Michigan No-Fault Act
The no-fault attorneys of Michigan Auto Law have provided an overview of the Michigan No-Fault Law, which includes a brief explanation of the types of no-fault cases available to auto accident victims and a copy of the no-fault act.

No-Fault Statutes
The Michigan No-Fault Law is complicated, especially for people who have recently been in an auto accident and don't know what to do next. Our no-fault insurance attorneys have provided a translation of each statute within the No-Fault Act.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Michigan No-Fault Act designates a car accident victim's legal rights regarding No-Fault insurance and benefits. Feel free to call to speak with one of our insurance attorneys now. We can answer all of your legal questions, and the call is free.

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by Wayne Moll, Grand Haven, MI
Nov. 14, 2011


This firm is full of expert attorneys who know how to respect people

I never dealt with an attorney before, but Michigan Auto Law exceeded my expectations. I was treated very good. I sent out an e-mail inquiring about my case late morning on a Friday, and just an hour later, I had a call back from an attorney.

He told me exactly what the Michigan auto law was and what my no-fault rights were. I was happy with the way he spoke to me and how quickly he responded. This is the way he handled my auto accident lawsuit, very prompt and to the point.

I would tell other car accident victims that even if you are hesitant or scared, do not be afraid to contact Michigan Auto Law. This firm is full of expert attorneys who know how to respect people.