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Rochester’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Michigan Auto Law’s attorneys are often asked about dangerous intersections in each metro Detroit suburb. Below are some statistics on high-risk areas in your city:

Rochester Hills 2011 Top Ten High Crash Intersections

1 Hamlin Rd W @ Livernois Rd S
2 Rochester Rd @ Tienken Rd W
3 Rochester Rd S @ Auburn Rd W
4 Avon Rd E @ Rochester Rd S
5 Livernois Rd S @ Walton Blvd
6 Rochester Rd S @ Hamlin Rd W
7 Dequindre Rd @ South Blvd E
8 Rochester Rd @ South Blvd E
9 Avon Rd W @ Livernois Rd S
10 Adams Rd @ Auburn Rd W

Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

In addition to high crash intersections, our Rochester Hills attorneys are also asked when more car crashes take place.  Consider the following from the 2010 Michigan Traffic Crash Facts:

  • More fatal crashes occurred between 3:00 and 5:59 PM than any other time period.
  • More fatal crashes occurred on Friday than any other day.
  • More fatal crashes occurred in August than any other month.

Source: Michigan State Police, October 2010

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