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Trucking Laws

About Commercial Drivers Licence Tests

Steps to obtain commercial driver’s license

There are several steps involved in obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) in Michigan.

1. Physical exam

The truck driver must pass a physical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to prove that he has the physical capability to handle a large truck without medical restrictions.

2. Drug test

The driver must also take a drug test. If the driver passes the exam, he receives a medical certificate that’s valid for two years.

3. Written test

The next part is a written test modeled after the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration guide. Most states, including Michigan, use this written test.

4. Additional certifications

There are additional tests a truck driver may be required to take for combination vehicles, air braked vehicles, double or triple tractor-trailers or hazardous materials.

5. Road skills test

Once the written exam is completed, the driver then takes a road skills test, which consists of three parts:

  1. Understanding the pre-trip inspection.
  2. Learning about basic vehicle controls.
  3. Successfully completing the actual road skills test.

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