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National Truck Accident Statistics

Below are some 2006 statistics about truck accidents throughout the U.S.. They are the latest statistics available, from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

Truck accident injury and deaths:

  • 368,000 truck accidents
  • 4,321 fatal truck accidents, and 4,995 people killed
  • 77,000 injury truck accidents and 106,000 people injured
  • 287,000 property damage truck accidents

Roadside inspections and unsafe “out of service” trucks:

  • 2,273,467 vehicle inspections
  • 23.7 percent vehicle out of service rate (meaning that the truck is so mechanically unsafe according to the law that it has to be immediately taken off the road and towed to the nearest repair station after being pulled over by law enforcement)
  • 3,093,996 driver inspections
  • 7 percent driver out-of-service rate

If you’ve been in a truck accident in Michigan, don’t settle for becoming just another statistic at the hands of irresponsible truck companies.

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