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Watch Out For These Trucking Companies In Michigan

Motor carriers with less than satisfactory safety ratings

Special Report - Michigan's Bad Trucking Companies

Below is a list of the dangerous commercial trucking companies in Michigan — and the numbers are shocking.

As of late 2008, there were 1,087 truck companies with less than satisfactory safety ratings. The information was provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, through a Freedom of Information Act request by Michigan Auto Law.

Michigan Carriers with Less than Satisfactory Safety Rating: PDF | Excel Spreadsheet – Microsoft Excel program required to view

All of the listed Michigan truck companies have either conditional or unsatisfactory safety ratings.

Conditional rating: A conditional rating means that the truck company’s records indicate the truck was out of compliance with one or more safety requirements.

Unsatisfactory rating: An unsatisfactory rating means that the truck company’s records indicated evidence of substantial noncompliance with safety requirements. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration updates the entire database of unsafe trucking companies each month.

To decipher the categories and ratings in the various rows and columns of the document, you can visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Data Element Definitions page. The table will show you, for example, that “CARSHP” refers to the type of operation in which the company is engaged as well as identifying it as a carrier, hazardous materials shipper, broker, freight forwarder, cargo tank facility or registrant.

How large are the fleets?

The unsafe truck companies listed have fleets ranging from one to nearly 200 trucks, but the majority have between one and 10 large trucks, such as tractor-trailers, cargo tank trucks, motor coaches and school buses.

The trucking companies are based in practically every city in Michigan.

We believe the public has an urgent need for this information, because these motor carriers are severely endangering drivers by putting unmaintained trucks on the roads.

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