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Truck Accidents

Michigan Truck Accident – Facts And Causes

Negligent and unfit truckers driving out-of-service trucks weighing 80,000 or more pounds are barreling down Michigan highways at this moment. With more Americans dying in truck accidents every year than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, our expert truck accident attorneys have put together this truck accident resource center to educate Michigan drivers as to the causes, types and reasons for truck accidents. Knowledge is one tool that can prevent such tragedies.

National Truck Accident Statistics

Nearly one in four heavy trucks are so mechanically unsafe that they are operating illegally on our highways and upon inspection, are declared out of service. In turn, more than 110,000 people are killed or injured each year in crashes with heavy trucks. Our accident attorneys have compiled several other statistics on national truck accidents.

Michigan Truck Accident Statistics

Michigan averages more than 100 fatal truck accidents and 5,000 truck accidents causing serious personal injury every year. Our accident lawyers have compiled additional local statistics.

Bad Trucking Companies in Michigan

There were 1,087 Michigan-based commercial trucking companies with less than satisfactory safety ratings, according to statistics that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provided to Michigan Auto Law. These companies’ records indicated the commercial motor carriers were out of compliance with one or more safety requirements or showed “substantial noncompliance with safety requirements.”

More Michigan Highways and Trucks

With its industrial economic base, Michigan has more trucks on its roads, and more major highways than most other states. That’s one reason there are so many tractor-trailer accidents on Michigan roads. Our accident lawyers discuss more reasons Michigan has so many truck accidents every year.

No Punitive Damages in Michigan

There is another side to punitive damages that many people don’t realize, and it plays an important role in why there are so many truck accidents in Michigan. Accident lawyers cannot recover punitive damages in Michigan against trucking companies that knowingly hire unqualified, unfit truck drivers who commit safety violations that cause accidents.

Truck Driver Negligence

Trucks with service and safety violations and negligent truck drivers are two of the leading causes of Michigan semi-truck accidents. Michigan lawyers outline some of those negligent violations.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck driver fatigue contributes to hundreds of serious car accidents each year in Michigan. There are federal laws to curb the hours truckers spend on the road, but irresponsible trucking companies putting their bottom line ahead of safety push truckers to drive over hours, causing preventable accidents.

Michigan Weather

Michigan accident lawyers explain that Michigan weather does play a role in local truck accidents, but it’s not as significant as many people think.

Types of Truck Accidents

Given trucks’ huge size, there are many types of possible truck accidents, which the truck accident lawyers from Michigan Auto Law have grouped into categories.

Michigan Bus Accidents

Due to the increasing congestion of Michigan roads and highways, people are using public transportation buses more frequently. In accordance, the number of personal injuries and wrongful deaths from bus accidents in Michigan is skyrocketing.

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