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Truck Driver Fatigue: Who’s At Fault

Truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of truck accidents in Michigan and throughout the country. But when truckers get tired behind the wheel, the negligence is really on behalf of the trucking companies that employ them.

These trucking companies often disregard federal laws that are designed to prevent truck accidents due to truck driver fatigue. The laws involve regulated hours of service that truckers must abide by, and screening truckers for medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive.

But to get loads to their destinations quicker, trucking companies will often push their drivers (with either financial incentives or the threat of losing their jobs) to drive beyond the regulated hours, no matter what it takes. They will also often ignore serious medical conditions that cause drowsiness, such as sleep apnea; or even send their drivers to certain doctors who will write them a clean bill of health.

Consider a recent survey stating that 20 percent of truck drivers nationwide admitted to falling asleep at the wheel in a given month.

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