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Information On The Causes Of Truck Accidents

They are usually due to negligent truck companies

In this section, we’ve provided information on the causes of truck accidents, and how many of those causes lie with negligent trucking companies — that put their bottom line ahead of safety.

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Hiring negligent truck drivers

How motor carriers that hire bad truck drivers are the cause of many crashes. You can also read about truckers on drugs, unsafe trucks and “chameleon carriers.”

Truck driver fatigue

How tired truckers are one of the leading causes of truck accidents, but the negligence is really on behalf of the trucking companies that employ them and do not enforce safety laws.

No punitive damages in Michigan

How the absence of punitive damages allows bad trucking companies to break the law and avoid being punished for egregious behavior that results in injury and death.

Bad weather

Weather plays a role in less than 20 percent of Michigan truck accidents, but even those crashes are preventable.

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