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June 5, 2017

Auto accident attorney shares how car crash victims can protect against car insurance company policy traps, captive agents, low-ball settlement offers and pushy adjusters

April 20, 2015

As an auto accident attorney, I often receive questions about car insurance, and how it works after a crash involving injury or property damage. Today I’m sharing a common question about what to do when you’ve been involved in an automobile accident and the other driver’s insurance company contacts you asking for money. Hope this …

February 5, 2015

HB 4032 sets liability, No Fault & PPI requirements for app-based ride-sharing services like Uber Uber is the leading app-based ride-sharing service.  Recently, more focus  has  been directed at the questionable  auto insurance coverage and liability insurance protection that Uber provides for drivers and passengers. The issues become even more complicated in a No Fault …