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March 28, 2017

The Alliance is right to condemn credit scoring and red-lining. If the goal is truly to slash auto insurance costs but save its protections, more needs to be done

March 27, 2017

Court: Car insurance policy’s ‘general’ No-Fault fraud exclusion doesn’t apply to car crash victim because she wasn’t ‘a party to, nor an insured’ under policy

March 14, 2017

For No-Fault lawyers and the judges who hear these cases, an announced forum on Covenant motions, scheduling orders and facilitative mediation is troubling

March 1, 2017

No one thinks about a car accident when they are getting divorced. But they should. When divorce lawyers think about family law, they don’t think about Michigan’s auto No Fault insurance law or how a car accident will impact a child’s domicile. But they should. In divorce agreements, where there are minor children involved, the …

February 24, 2017

Lesson for auto accident attorneys after case of defiant Detroit auto accident victim is dismissed: Plaintiff had previously been ordered to attend insurance-company IMEs and deleted Facebook material after being ordered not to   You may not want to go to a compulsory insurance medical examination. You may regret posting things on Facebook or other …

February 13, 2017

In order to have their case assigned by the MACP to an insurance company, uninsured car accident victims must show they’re not ‘obviously ineligible’ and they’ve exercised ‘due diligence’ in investigating their claim; landmines for auto attorneys are everywhere It’s getting much harder to get the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan to assign a No Fault …

February 7, 2017

With hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing from the insurance industry to political leaders like the House Speaker, Majority Leader and Insurance Committee chairpersons, we must remain vigilant about preventing special interests from boosting profits at the expense of auto accident victims and the public good Is House Speaker Tom Leonard (R-Dewitt, MI), a leading …