Michigan No Fault fraud

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September 18, 2018

Created by Gov. Snyder, Insurance Commissioner’s Anti Fraud Unit doesn’t address fraud by auto insurers, fraud penalties or gender discrimination in pricing

April 30, 2018

FBI fraud ring investigation will hopefully force Attorney Grievance Commission and Administrator Alan Gershel to take long overdue disciplinary action against ambulance-chasing, solicitation injury lawyers who break the law

January 23, 2018

No Fault law doesn’t provide loophole for employer’s insurer to argue that policy’s auto No Fault insurance fraud clause precludes benefits for employee

October 21, 2017

Jordan Jones, a Michigan Auto Law attorney, serves as a plaintiffs’ lawyer No Fault expert for ICLE program on 2017’s No Fault law decisions

Michigan has a new auto No-Fault law. Click Here to learn more.