Tag: Hunter v. Sisco

April 30, 2014

Pain and suffering includes emotional and psychological injuries This week, I’ve been writing about Hunter v. Sisco, a case soon to be reviewed by the Michigan Supreme Court on the issues of whether pain and suffering, emotional and psychological injuries are compensable in car accidents with government employees. The court in Hunter v. Sisco and …

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April 29, 2014

Government employees who cause car accidents should be liable for pain and suffering, emotional and psychological injuries, just like civilian drivers The law in Michigan was that government employees who negligently cause an automobile accident should be responsible for all of the injuries they cause. Then came Hunter v. Sisco, which makes the most basic …

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April 28, 2014

A bridge too far: Shouldn’t there be liability for pain and suffering, emotional, psychological injuries proximately caused by  at-fault drivers under governmental immunity exception? Hunter v. Sisco is the now infamous case that has come to the rather incredible conclusion: That under the motor vehicle exception to governmental immunity in Michigan, a person who suffers …

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