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Tips For Safe Driving Near Tractor Trailers

18 tips to prevent accidents

Driving near a tractor-trailer or commercial truck is very different from driving near a passenger car, and many motorists don’t adjust their behavior. Below are some safety tips designed to help you avoid an accident when driving around a truck.

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  1. Do not abruptly change lanes around a truck.
  2. Let trucks have the right of way by slowing down.
  3. Drive at a safe speed.
  4. Adjust your speed according to weather conditions.
  5. Be aware of traffic signals and road conditions.
  6. Always use turn signals.
  7. Avoid driving next to a tractor-trailer or a truck.
  8. Never cut-off a truck, especially when it may need to stop.
  9. Trucks and tractor-trailers have large blind spots called “no zones,” so follow the rule that if you cannot see the truck driver in his outside mirrors, than he probably can’t see your vehicle.
  10. Use low-beam headlights when following large trucks at night.
  11. Maintain at least a minimum four-second following distance from a truck.
  12. When passing, remember that large trucks are much longer than automobiles and take a longer time to pass.
  13. Maintain a constant speed when passing and make sure you can see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror before moving in front of the truck.
  14. When being passed by a tractor-trailer, slow down slightly, as water or dirt from its tires can spray and reduce your visibility.
  15. Be careful when passing a truck that is also pulling a trailer, as the trailer could swing in your lane.
  16. Do not try to squeeze into the space next to a semi-truck when it’s making a turn, because it could hit you or even drive over the top of your car.
  17. When traveling on the highway, try not to position your car in between two or more trucks, as they may not see you and pull into your lane, forcing you into another vehicle.
  18. If you are stopped behind a tractor-trailer on an incline, leave space in between in case the truck drifts backward when it starts to accelerate.

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