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Loss of consortium: When personal injuries affect your marriage

Our injury lawyers explain the legal claim for “loss of consortium” – when a car accident victim’s marriage suffers from personal injuries

“Loss of consortium” — when accident-related personal injuries affect a marriage — is a serious issue that car accident victims and their spouses struggle with every day. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about possible legal claims for loss of consortium.

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What is loss of consortium?

“Loss of consortium” is the “injury” that a Michigan auto accident victim and his or her spouse suffer when the victim’s accident-related injuries prevent the couple from maintaining their normal sexual relationship.

What is loss of society and companionship?

“Loss of society and companionship” is a similar injury to loss of consortium in that it addresses how a marital relationship is negatively affected by a car accident.

However, unlike loss of consortium, which deals with the sexual relationship between a victim and his or her spouse, loss of society and companionship deals with how the couple’s “social” relationship is affected when one of the spouses is seriously injured in a Michigan auto accident.

How do I make a legal claim for loss of consortium?

Under Michigan law, a claim for loss of consortium is not just a claim for damages. It is an independent cause of action that can be brought not only by the Michigan auto accident victim, but also by his or her spouse — even though the spouse was not directly injured in the accident.

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What are the limitations on loss of consortium?

To recover compensation for loss of consortium in Michigan, the car accident victim and his or her spouse making the claim must be legally married.

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