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Diagnosing a major depressive episode after an auto accident

A list of symptoms that can indicate depression and how to tell if you have it

Seriously injured accident victims often manifest the symptoms of a major depressive episode.

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Although depression symptoms can vary from person to person, the Mayo Clinic identifies the following as some of the most common symptoms, and also as the main criteria for diagnosing major depression:

  • Feelings of sadness, unhappiness, and emptiness most of the day, nearly every day.
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, normal activities most of the day, nearly every day.
  • Significant changes in appetite nearly every day.
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping nearly every day.
  • Agitation or restlessness.
  • Fatigue, tiredness or loss of energy nearly every day.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt nearly every day
  • Trouble thinking, speaking, and concentrating nearly every day.
  • Frequent thoughts of death, dying or suicide.
  • Irritability or frustration, even over small matters.
  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Crying spells for no apparent reason.

Diagnosing major depression

A Michigan auto accident victim can be diagnosed with major depression or a major depressive episode if the victim manifests five or more of the above symptoms for two weeks or more.

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic explains that a major depression diagnosis requires that the above symptoms must be severe enough to cause noticeable problems in day-to-day activities, such as work, school, social activities or relationships with others.

Both a physical exam and a psychological evaluation can assist doctors in determining whether an accident victim has suffered major depression or a major depressive episode as a result of an auto accident. Here’s information about treatment for major depression.

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