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Identifying Types Of Back Injuries?

Our attorneys list the classifications for back injuries, and explain what your particular injury means

There’s nothing simple about the back injuries that are frequently suffered by auto accident victims, especially when you try to classify them. Fractures, for example, are one type of back injury.

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Meanwhile, we’ve compiled the list below of some of the different types of back injuries. Keep in mind, doctors classify fractures of the lumbar and thoracic spine based upon the pattern of the back injury.

  • Non-surgical: This is the most common type of back injury for auto accident victims. However, the fact that an injury is non-surgical does not mean it is not serious
  • Compression fracture: While the front (anterior) of a vertebra (bone of the spine) breaks and loses height, the back (anterior) part of it does not.
  • Axial burst fracture: You lose height on both the front and back of a vertebra with this type of fracture.
  • Flexion/distraction (chance) fracture: The vertebrae are literally pulled apart (distraction), such as in a head-on car crash in which the upper body is thrown forward while the pelvis is stabilized by a lap seat belt.
  • Transverse process fracture: This type of fracture results from rotation or extreme sideways (lateral) bending.
  • Fracture-dislocation: This is an unstable personal injury involving bone and/or soft tissue in which one vertebra may move off of the adjacent vertebra, thereby creating a “displacement.”
  • Surgical: Some back injuries from a car accident require surgery. Those back injuries include: unstable burst fractures, flexion-distraction fractures, and fracture-dislocations. Here’s more information about back injury treatment.

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