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Third Party Insurance

Excess Economic Damages

Michigan No-Fault attorneys explain how this third-party benefit covers additional lost wages, allowable expenses and survivor’s loss

Excess economic damages are any damages above the statutory maximum of wage loss payment (see wage loss) for the first three years after an auto accident, and any and all wage loss after three years. Excess economic damages also include additional survivor’s loss and allowable expenses beyond any statutory maximum.

Who pays for excess economic damages in Michigan?

Excess economic damages are covered by the wrongdoer’s insurance company – meaning, the no-fault insurance of the driver responsible for of the Michigan car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Is there a time limit associated with excess economic damages?

If the automobile accident in a third-party case took place more than three years ago, the victim can’t sue the at-fault driver or the wrongdoer’s no-fault insurance company for injuries, no matter how serious. The only exception is for minors.

Michigan Auto Law has been helping injury victims throughout Michigan for over 50 years. We can help you obtain the No-Fault benefits and excess economic damages you require. To speak with a no-fault attorney directly, please call (800) 777-0028 or fill out our consultation form.

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