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Why do I need a Social Security Disability attorney?

Auto accident victims must know how SSD benefits can affect a personal injury lawsuit

The attorneys of Michigan Auto Law have been helping injured people throughout the state for more than 50 years. We now work with a team of attorneys that focus on Social Security Disability and appeals.

This has become a necessity for our clients, because today, auto insurance companies aggressively push nearly all accident victims to apply for Social Security Disability — whether or not it’s appropriate.

Social Security Disability is federal insurance program designed to provide income to people who are unable to work because of a disability. The benefits continue until their condition improves. If an individual’s condition does not improve, SSD benefits are indefinite.

To an auto accident victim, this may sound like a life saver, and it might be. But you must be aware of the proper timing and how SSD can affect your auto accident lawsuit. Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 968-1001. We will connect you with an SSD attorney, free of charge.

The critical interplay between your SSD attorney and your auto case

If you have been injured in a car accident or truck accident, it’s a very good idea to have a Social Security Disability attorney familiar with Michigan No-Fault law review your application and if necessary, help you through the lengthy appeals process. This will prevent costly mistakes that could interfere with your auto negligence case — especially because in any serious auto accident lawsuit, defense lawyers and insurance adjusters will carefully review your application with intentions to use it against you.

Keep in mind, when an auto insurance company tells you to apply for SSD, you are required by law to do so. But timing is vital: Apply at the wrong time and your auto accident lawsuit can be wiped out, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic loss that you could be entitled to.

You must also be aware of how receiving these financial benefits can affect your auto accident case; specifically, what No-Fault benefits you receive from your insurer and what pain and suffering damages you receive from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and whether you will be filing a claim for economic loss, over and above the first three years of No-Fault.

Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 968-1001, or fill out our consultation form. We can help take the guess work out of this complicated process, so you can concentrate on recovering from your traumatic accident. There is absolutely no fee or obligation.