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What happens after I apply for Social Security Disability?

Lawyers say most often, SSD applicants are denied benefits

After the Social Security Administration gathers and compiles all of the medical records of a person injured in a car accident, that person will almost always be required to attend a medical exam by doctors hired by the Social Security Administration. These doctors will evaluate you, review your work history and sometimes interview friends and relatives.

The first level of decision by the Social Security Administration is most often a rejection. But rejection can be appealed again and again. There is no limit on the number of times someone can apply and then appeal a Social Security Administration denial of SSD. Read here for lawyer advice on what to do in this situation.

Appealing for Social Security Disability benefits — costs

If an applicant appeals an initial rejection through the first review, then a person may have a re-consideration, and then finally, a hearing by an administrative law judge. It’s also possible to further appeal a rejection for SSD.

It costs the United States government approximately $1,180 to process a single Social Security disability application to the first level of decision by the Social Security Administration. Again, this decision is most often a rejection. The average cost of a SSD case file will average approximately $4,759.

The practice of Michigan auto insurance companies forcing people who have been injured in car and truck accidents to apply and then appeal requests for SSD has added thousands of claims to Social Security, costing the system tens of millions of dollars.

SSD lawyers and Michigan Auto Law

Keep in mind that if your No-Fault insurer requests that you apply for Social Security, you do have a duty to cooperate. But your duty has important limits. Contact a Michigan Auto Law attorney at (800) 968-1001 as soon as an insurance adjuster instructs you to apply, and we can connect you with a Social Security Disability lawyer. Or fill out our free consultation form.