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What are the benefits of using a Social Security Disability attorney?

A Social Security Disability attorney familiar with the No-Fault law can help your auto accident case

Today, most everyone who has been seriously injured in a car accident will likely be forced by their auto insurance company to apply for Social Security Disability. There is a critical interplay between Social Security Disability and a successful auto case, so it’s best to have an SSD attorney familiar with the Michigan No-Fault law review your application.

Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 968-1001. We’d be happy to discuss your case with you and connect you to an SSD attorney, free of charge. Here’s how a Social Security Disability attorney can help:

  1. Your SSD appeal will be faster and cost less.
  2. Your Social Security Disability appeal can result in higher personal injury settlements.
  3. Our attorneys can prevent insurance company abuse from the SSD process.
  4. An SSD Attorney can prevent unintentional mistakes that devastate legal rights.

Your SSD appeal will be faster and cost less

Clients can save thousands of dollars in costs for a Social Security Disability case by using a specialized SSD attorney — because Michigan Auto Law already has all of your critical medical records from your auto accident lawsuit.

This leads to faster results than you would get with other SSD lawyers. They have to wait months for your medical records to arrive.

On the same note, reviewing medical records and filing Social Security Disability appeal summaries can take an attorney dozens of hours. But if you retain Michigan Auto Law for your car accident case, we would prepare extensive summaries of your injuries as well as court filings, settlement brochures, facilitations, and case evaluation summaries during your lawsuit. These documents can be easily modified for SSD hearings, and dramatically reduce the time of your SSD appeal.

Your Social Security Disability appeal can result in higher personal injury settlements

The attorneys at Michigan Auto Law have expertise in the critical relationship between an auto accident case and your SSD appeal: It can impact both Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits and the successful outcome of an excess economic damages claim in the event of a lawsuit. This is especially important if an economic loss claim may be made for economic losses beyond the first three years of Michigan No-Fault insurance wage loss.

Apply for Social Security Disability at the wrong time and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars can be wiped out from a legitimate economic loss claim.

Our attorneys can prevent insurance company abuse from the SSD process

By forcing nearly everyone injured in an auto accident to apply for Social Security Disability, insurance companies are trying to avoid paying out insurance benefits to their customers. They know SSD can save them from paying tens of thousands of dollars in wage loss and reimbursement of past wage loss benefits.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to find many claims adjusters forcing people to apply for SSD just months after an automobile accident; then demanding them to keep applying for SSD and to appeal any denial without any regard to the consequences.

Insurance companies will offer to hire a “SSD lawyer” to handle SSD appeals for you, again without regard to how this may wipe out a legitimate recovery.

There is literally no downside for insurance companies to behave this way in Michigan. Legally, if your own auto insurance company asks you to apply for SSD after an auto accident, you must do so. But the result can be devastating, and the duty to apply for SSD does not include the requirement to appeal a denial of SSD. Nor does it include the duty to accept the SSD lawyer being offered to handle such an appeal from your insurance company. This is why it’s of critical importance to consult with an attorney who is seasoned in Michigan’s auto accident and insurance laws, as well as the Social Security Disability appeals process.

An SSD attorney can prevent unintentional mistakes that devastate legal rights

People have to apply for SSD if asked to do so by their own auto insurance company in Michigan. But they are not required to appeal a denial of Social Security Disability. Appeals filed by well-meaning lawyers who are unfamiliar with Michigan’s tough car accident threshold laws can devastate the success of personal injury lawsuits and an accident victim’s future legal rights.

Anyone applying for Social Security Disability must be very careful to consider both No-Fault insurance benefits and the economic loss claims that can be made in a third-party lawsuit, as SSD is closely connected to the success of both. Read here for 17 mistakes that can ruin your car accident case.

Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 968-1001, or fill out our consultation form, and we can put you in touch with a Social Security Disability attorney. We can take the guess work out of this complicated process, so you can concentrate on recovering from your traumatic auto accident. There is absolutely no fee or obligation.