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Michigan No-Fault Benefits: Wrongful Death from an Auto Accident

Attorney Commentary on No-Fault Statute: MCL 500.3108

Survivor’s loss, personal protection benefits, scope maximum benefits

If your spouse or child was killed in a car or truck accident, then Michigan’s No-Fault insurance law may allow for a benefit called survivor’s loss, also known as wrongful death benefits. These benefits go to the survivor of the deceased individual killed in the accident. The survivor of the decedent is entitled to reimbursement of contributions of tangible things of economic value, that dependents would have received for support if the person killed had not suffered wrongful death.

Survivor loss benefits do not include services. Claims of future, prospective payment or claims regarding what services the person killed in the motor vehicle accident may have performed at some future date or time are regarded as speculative and are not payable under the Michigan No-Fault Act. These claims may, if they can be sufficiently proved under Michigan law, be included as part of a third-party tort claim by the estate of the person killed in the automobile accident against the negligent party.

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