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Michigan No-Fault Insurance Payees of Personal Injury Protection Benefits (PIP)

Lawyer Commentary on No-Fault Statute: MCL 500.3112

Payees of personal protection benefits; payments as a discharge of liability

This No-Fault statute defines when an insurance company’s payment of No-Fault benefits will allow the insurer to avoid future liability. Under this statute, an insurance company that pays Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits to someone injured in an auto accident is relieved of future liability unless having been made aware in writing of someone else having or possibly having a valid claim under Michigan law.

If there is confusion as to who should receive No-Fault benefits, the following can file a lawsuit and request an order from a court to determine who is entitled to No-Fault benefits and which insurance company is responsible for payment:

  • The person injured in the automobile accident who is claiming No-Fault insurance benefits.
  • The insurance company.
  • Any dependents of a person who has been killed or suffered wrongful death in an accident. or
  • Any person who is involved in an auto accident.

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