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Mandatory Michigan No-Fault Insurance for Motor Vehicles

Attorney Commentary on No-Fault Statute: MCL 500.3101

Security for payment of benefits; definitions

If you own, or have registered in your name, a motor vehicle that is driven or moved upon a highway, then you are required under MCL 500.3101 to maintain a No-Fault insurance policy that provides personal and property protection benefits as well as residual liability coverage. These policies are considered “security” (or a guarantee) that you will receive the benefits included in your particular policy, should you be involved in and injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents include car and truck accidents. Motorcycle accidents, however, are included only if the accident also involves a car or truck.

This statute also provides definitions of words used throughout the Michigan No-Fault Act. In the example above, a person may think they know what “motor vehicle accident,” “motorcycle,” and “owner” mean, but Michigan insurance laws give these words important legal significance.

For example:

“Motorcycle” means a vehicle having a saddle or seat for the use of the rider, with not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground that has a motor that exceeds 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement.

“Motorcycle accident” means a loss involving the ownership, operation maintenance or use of a motorcycle as a motorcycle, but not involving the use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle.

“Motor vehicle” means a vehicle, including a trailer, operated or designed for operation upon a public highway by power other than muscular power which has more than 2 wheels. “Motor vehicle” does not include a motorcycle, moped, farm tractor (or other implement of husbandry), an ORV, a golf cart, a power-driven mobility device, a commercial quadricycle or an electric bicycle.

Therefore, if someone is a motorcyclist (or driving other non-traditional vehicles, such as ATVs) and they are involved in an injury accident with a motor vehicle (such as a car accident or truck accident), they would be entitled to Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits. But, if they are not involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, they would not be entitled to Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits.

Motorcycles are not required to carry mandatory Michigan No-Fault PIP insurance coverage under Michigan law, but motorcyclists are required to carry PLPD (personal liability and property damage) insurance coverage, in case they cause an injury accident.

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