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No-Fault Law Allows Mental, Physical Examination of Auto Accident Victims: IME

Attorney Commentary on No-Fault Statute: MCL 500.3151

Mental or physical conditions material to claim, examination, policy provisions

If you have suffered personal injury as the result of a car accident, often the insurance company responsible for paying No-Fault benefits will require the injured claimant to undergo insurance medical examinations with doctors that the insurance company hires. These “second opinion” insurance exams are frequently a precursor to an adjuster advising an injured claimant that the insurance company will no longer pay the person No-Fault benefits.

These insurance examinations can be for either mental or physical injuries. The insurance companies often refer to these examinations as independent medical evaluations, or IMEs. As long as the medical examination is related to a claim for No-Fault benefits, the insurance companies have a contractual and statutory right to require a car accident victim seeking payment of benefits to attend. If an insured person refuses to attend, the insurance company may stop payment of No-Fault benefits, as explained in MCL 500.3153.

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