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No-Fault Act and Statutes

No-Fault Penalty for Car Accident Victim’s Refusal to Take Exam

Lawyer Commentary on No-Fault Statute: MCL 500.3153

Refusal to submit to mental or physical examination or to make available reports of examinations

If a person injured in a car accident later refuses to undergo a mental or physical examination requested by his own No-Fault insurance company, or refuses to provide a medical report regarding his medical treatment from a car accident, the trial court can:

  1. Decide on the exact state of a person’s injury by ordering “that the mental or physical condition of the disobedient person shall be taken to be established for the purposes of the claim in accordance with the contention of the party obtaining the order.”
  2. Prohibit a person from raising “designated claims or defenses” and/or prohibiting the person “from introducing evidence of mental or physical condition.”
  3. Enter a judgment against the person, such as dismissing the lawsuit.
  4. Require the person to “reimburse the insurer for reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in defense against the claim.”

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