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What every aspiring lawyer should know: Learn to be a trial lawyer

Attorney Steve Gursten gives advice to law students on

Steven Gursten, head of Michigan Auto Law, provided a guest column for the legal publication with advice for law school students. Gursten discussed how he developed his trial skills as an auto accident attorney with record-breaking verdicts and settlements:

“Like all new lawyers, I knew nothing at the time about trial. So to develop my own trial skills, I started by asking the other lawyers in my law firm to give me their worst cases for trial. I wanted the cases no one else wanted – the “stinkers.” Taking these cases to trial was a win-win. I wanted trial experience – and fast. I wanted the cases everyone expected I would lose because if (and when) I did lose, everyone was expecting it anyways. But when I won, I was a hero… Soon after I started my aggressive campaign looking for trial experience, I recovered my first million-dollar verdict.”

You can read the full column here: What Every Aspiring Lawyer Should Know – Learn to Be a Trial Lawyer

August 13, 2013

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