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Steve Gursten teaches Michigan trial lawyers how to fight Kreiner

Gursten was a featured speaker and panel expert for the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA) seminar

Steven M. Gursten of Michigan Auto Law was a featured speaker and panel expert for Michigan Trial Lawyers Association (now the Michigan Association for Justice) seminar entitled “Kreiner Year Two: Fighting Back.”

The seminar focused on the drastic changes in how all Michigan auto accident cases must now be handled, pursuant to Kreiner v. Fischer, decided by the Michigan Supreme Court in July, 2004. Keep in mind, as of August 1, 2010, there is a new Michigan auto accident law called McCormick v. Carrier that makes it more fair for car accident victims to bring pain and suffering lawsuits for their personal injuries.

The forum was primarily offered to help Michigan trial lawyers assist victims of auto accidents and to help them better understand the current law and its requirements. Gursten’s comprehensive presentation analyzed what constitutes a good car accident case in Michigan and panel experts discussed the lessons to be learned from post-Kreiner litigation and related Michigan auto law cases.

May 2006

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