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Snyder calls for no-fault reform, $1 million benefits cap

Michigan Auto Law attorney tells Michigan Lawyers Weekly about the dangers of no-fault reform proposal HB 4612

Michigan Auto Law was featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly amid the no-fault reform debate in Michigan.

Our attorney told Lawyers Weekly that the latest no-fault reform proposal, HB 4612,  is “…the most extreme wish list the insurance industry could come up with.”

Here are some of Michigan Auto Law’s observations on the issues in HB 4612, listed in Michigan Lawyers Weekly:

  • Claims processing of insurance adjusters is not admissible at a trial: “Thus, bad faith denials, or an insurer’s fraud, is inadmissible.”
  • If the claimant’s claim is excessive or in some respect fraudulent, the court can award the insurer legal fees.
  • Whether a charge is reasonable will be a question of law (judge’s decision). Currently, it is a question of fact (jury’s decision).
  • Reasonable and necessary products, services and accommodations is replaced with “medically appropriate” products, services, or accommodations.
  • In-home attendant care provided by family is limited to 56 hours per week at $15 per hour. Attendant care by some other entity would be limited to 16 hours per day with no 24-hour-a-day provision.
  • It limits home modifications to $50,000: “If you’re in a wheelchair, it is not possible to make an ordinary house accessible for $50,000 or even $100,000.”

You can read the full story here: Snyder calls for no-fault reform, $1 million benefits cap

April 18, 2013

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