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Attorney Steven Gursten on NPR: Why auto insurance rates are so high in Michigan

Why is it that the poorest people in Michigan, the ones who face the biggest struggle to find jobs and get to those jobs, are paying the highest auto insurance rates in the country? No fault insurance attorney Steven Gursten of Michigan Auto Law discusses the reasons with NPR’s Cynthia Canty, on “Stateside.”


During the interview, Steve discussed several reasons he believes Michigan’s car insurance rates are so high, including:

  • No transparency in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association or on insurance company profits.
  • No Fault “reform” proposals designed to reduce life-saving benefits to car accident victims.
  • Credit scoring used by car insurance companies to charge people with lower credit scores higher rates.
  • Theft rates in cities like Detroit.
  • D-Insurance: the plan designed to provide Detroiters with low-cost insurance, but which doesn’t deliver in safe, comprehensive coverage.
  • Plaintiffs lawyers who advertise on billboards and solicit vulnerable car accident victims.

Said Steven:

“Michigan is one of the few states that doesn’t require the insurance companies to let us know what they’re making, their profit margins, on the auto line.”

You can read the full NPR story here: Why are auto insurance rates so high in Michigan?

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July 15, 2015

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