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Finding a legal limit for THC: Attorney Todd Berg on NPR Stateside

How high is too high to drive in Michigan?

With more physicians prescribing medical marijuana for chronic pain and other conditions, it’s a question that continues to arise.

Right now, there’s no law in Michigan that spells out how much THC one can have in the system when behind the wheel. But the state Legislature is moving on this important safety and legal question with a proposal to form an impaired Driving Safety Commission to try to determine how much THC someone can have in their system while they drive.

Attorney Todd Berg joined NPR’s Stateside with Cynthia Canty to discuss marijuana law in Michigan.

Said Todd about Michigan’s current law for driving on pot:

“The current state law, courtesy of a Michigan Supreme Court opinion in 2013, is as follows: If you are a lawful, registered, medical marijuana user under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act, then you can lawfully drive in the state of Michigan with THC or marijuana in your system, so long as you are not driving under the influence of marijuana.

The rules are different if you are not a lawful medical marijuana user. If you’re not using medical marijuana and you’re driving around with marijuana in your system, any amount takes you over the line and you are violating the law.”

Here’s the full broadcast on NPR: “No, officer, it’s: ‘Hi, how are you?’” Finding a legal THC limit for drivers

May 24, 2016

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