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No movement on No Fault reform bill HB 4612

Michigan Auto Law attorney gives Michigan Lawyers Weekly a No Fault reform update

Michigan Lawyers Weekly interviewed Michigan Auto Law on the status of HB 4612, which would drastically change the state’s No Fault insurance law to the detriment of auto accident victims and drivers.

HB 4612 would replace No Fault’s current guarantee of unlimited necessary medical benefits with a $1 million cap on No Fault medical claims. In turn, it would leave crash victims lacking vital medical care, and Michigan taxpayers footing the bill once the cap is reached. HB 4612 would also eliminate the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, and create a new nonprofit entity with appointees and meetings open to the public.

Opponents — including Democrats, health care organizations, and the plaintiff’s bar — have squared off against proponents that mainly include Republicans and the auto insurance industry.

Republicans were far short of the votes they needed to pass the bill before recess, so HB 4612 hasn’t come to a full vote, according to the story.

Said Michigan Auto Law:

“The insurance industry is continuing to press for the votes, but Michigan Association for Justice and CPAN have not seen any erosion in the bipartisan opposition to 4612.

You can read the whole story here: No movement on no-fault bill, to be taken up after recess

July 18, 2013

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