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Steven Gursten Presents ‘End Distracted Driving’ to Cranbrook MSMC

End Distracted Driving Presentation at Cranbrook MSMC

Steven Gursten, an auto accident attorney and safety advocate, will be talking about strategies for how we can all work together to “End Distracted Driving” during his January 18, 2018, presentation at the Cranbrook Middle School Mothers’ Council (MSMC) meeting. Texting while driving and distracted driving have reached epidemic levels both in Michigan and throughout the country. Sadly, this crisis is getting worse. Action needs to be taken now. Not just with our laws, but with our personal driving behavior. While the dangers of distracted driving are not unique to teen drivers, reaching out to young drivers and their parents is essential to changing people’s thinking and behavior to the point that one day distracted driving will be considered just as dangerous and socially unacceptable as drunk driving.

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Working with, Steven Gursten is sharing a distracted driving presentation that has now been seen by nearly 400,000 teens across the U.S. and Canada, including over 7,500 high school students in Michigan by Steven and other Michigan Auto Law attorneys. This important safety presentation is an eye-opening challenge to engage and empower students and parents to assess and evaluate their own distracted driving behaviors.  Significantly, students gain invaluable skills, such as learning to “speak up” when they’re in the car so that potentially dangerous distractions – including friends, siblings and technology – can be eliminated or avoided, allowing drivers to concentrate all of their attention on driving safely. Parents learn how important it is for them to model safe driving behavior for their children. Finally, the presentation aims to debunk the rationalizations that many drivers tell themselves for why they think they can safely text or talk on the phone while driving.

Many of speakers are trial lawyers and auto accident attorneys who, like Steve, have seen first-hand the devastation left behind from distracted driving car crashes. In this safety presentation, Steve shares from his experiences and insights from the many cases he has personally worked on where lives have been lost from distracted driving. Steve will also talk about his own outreach work, such as his creation of the Kelsey’s Law Scholarship: Stop Distracted Driving Contest. With the support of Bonnie Raffaele, Steve offers the scholarship to honor both the life and memory of Bonnie’s 17-year old daughter, Kelsey, who lost her life in a 2010 cell phone-related car accident. Kelsey is also the name for the Michigan law known as “Kelsey’s Law,” which prohibits teen drivers from using a cell phone while driving.

We have the power to save lives by becoming ambassadors for safe, distraction-free driving. For more information go to:

Download a PDF of the presentation here: Steven Gursten Presents ‘End Distracted Driving’ to Cranbrook MSMC

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