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Auto accident lawyer says under McCormick v. Carrier, personal injuries now do not have to be life-long in order to bring pain and suffering lawsuits interviews Steve Gursten, one of the counry’s top auto accident lawyers, on McCormick v. Carrier. McCormick is a August, 2010 Michigan Supreme Court decision that overturned Kreiner v. Fischer, Michigan’s previous auto law that made it virtually impossible for auto accident victims to collect pain and suffering damages for serious injuries.

Gursten told that while McCormick will make it easier for plaintiffs to garner awards for pain and suffering, the exact level has not been determined. The court determined it will be on a “case by case basis, and the definition will narrow as cases are decided, he said.

Take a look at the full story in Mlive: Michigan court sets new standard in injury lawsuits

August 2, 1010

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