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Attorney Todd Berg in Metro Times on marijuana-impaired driving law

One of the burning questions about marijuana use is: How high is too high when driving? It’s befuddling to the legal system, as Michigan’s driving law is not moving as quickly as marijuana law.

The Detroit Metro Times interviewed Michigan Auto Law’s Todd Berg on proposed laws to establish a “per se” level of THC in someone’s blood that indicates being under the influence while behind the wheel.

Said Berg:

“This does seem like a progressive step if the goal is to set a per se amount of THC in the driver’s blood. It needs to be set for people who are lawfully using marijuana right now, because right now they’re driving around at extreme legal risk to themselves … If a per se level was established for marijuana concentrations in a driver’s body, it would help law enforcement and it would help people in general to know when and if consumption is running afoul of the law.”

Here’s the full article in the Metro Times: Marijuana on the road – Higher Ground.

May 11, 2016

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