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McCormick v. Carrier and its effect on auto accident victims and insurance rates in Michigan

Personal injury attorney Steve Gursten tells the Lansing State Journal that auto insurance rates should not rise following the landmark Michigan Supreme Court decision

McCormick v. Carrier is an August 2010 Michigan Supreme Court case that eases the injury threshold for people hurt in car accidents and seeking pain and suffering lawsuits. Personal injury attorney Steve Gursten tells the Lansing State Journal that this new law only restores the rights of auto accident victims – which were ravaged by Michigan’s previous and very harsh auto law, Kreiner v. Fischer.

Meanwhile, auto insurance companies in Michigan are threatening to raise insurance rates due to McCormick. Gursten challenges the insurance industry’s claim, arguing that auto insurance rates have increased despite Kreiner v. Fischer – while the average number of annual claims by motorists has dropped by more than 50 percent.

Take a look at the full story in the Lansing State Journal: Michigan court sets new standard in injury lawsuits: 2004 decision in compensation case tossed out

August 3, 1010

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